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The name Bellow's Rock comes from the name given to a large, semi-submerged rock outcrop situated 4km south of the Cape of Good Hope. This rock is largely submerged under the waves, but when a large wave hits the rock, it throws spray high into the air. Visitors to the Cape of Good Hope (south of Cape Town) can see the spray clearly from the shore.

South Africa has a long, inhospitable coastline with few natural harbours. In the centuries since the first Portuguese explorers rounded the Cape in 1488 and 1492, more than 2700 vessels have been shipwrecked along our 3000km coastline. For many years, the primary industry in the Cape was the production of agricultural supplies for the fleets of ships that would stop in Cape Town harbour on their way to and from the Spice Islands of India and Indonesia. The regular gales around Cape Town caused many shipwrecks.

Bellow's Rock is the site of several shipwrecks, the most famous of which was the Portuguese liner the SS Lusitania, which struck the rock on the 11th of April 1911 and sank two days later. Of the 800 people aboard at the time, 792 survived the shipwreck. The wreck of the SS Lusitania (not to be confused with the more famous HMS Lusitania of WW1) is considered by many Cape divers to be the premier wreck diving site in South Africa.

Home to Cape Fur Seals and Great White Sharks, the sea around Bellow's Rock is treacherous, fickle and can be very cold. Overlooking Bellow's Rock are the dramatic cliffs of Cape Point, now home to a lighthouse built to warn vessels away from this dangerous part of the Cape coastline.

As homage to the maritime history of the coast of South Africa, we named our range of wines after this Cape Town landmark situated close to the Cape of Good Hope. Bellow's Rock is a range of wines produced from grapes grown by a dedicated group of growers in the Agter-Paarl region of South Africa. Affiliated to the team at MAN Family Wines, Bellow's Rock wines are modern and juicy with a touch of classic elegance.

At our winery we know a thing or two about rocks: our Coastal Region soils are full of them. Deep, shale, rock-strewn un-irrigated vineyards gave us the flavourful grapes for these wines. The Mediterranean Cape climate allows the grapes to ripen properly, making for wines with a modern, fruit-forward yet classic style. Our classically styled packaging highlights the dramatic scenery of Bellow's Rock and Cape Point, and the wines in the bottle give a taste of the sunshine and landscape of the Cape of Storms situated at the southern tip of Africa.